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Celtics Stuff Live: Jessica Camerato

Jessica CameratoJessica Camerato from will be joining us tonight following the Celtics road game against the Bobcats.   Avery Bradley was called back up from the Red Claws as a result of Marquis Daniels injury on Sunday and Jess had these quotes from Bradley last week:

It’s very important for me to make the most of it," Bradley told "Seeing how I didn’t get the chance to play Summer League, this is really my first chance to get a lot of minutes since college. I’m really trying to get my game back, trying to get all the rust off my game, so it’s really good for me. That’s how I’ve got to look at it, and that’s what I’ve been doing.

"That’s why I’m staying positive, knowing that I have to do this so I can get better for my team, and that is the Celtics. They need me to do this and so that’s what I’m doing here, just trying to get better."


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