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Back To Back Trap

I'm just going to let Chris Forsberg try to explain this one.

Rapid reaction: Bobcats 94, Celtics 89 - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN Boston

This is the 13th back-to-back for Boston this season and the Celtics are a near-flawless 12-1 on the front end (falling only in Toronto on Nov. 21). But with Monday's loss, the Celtics are a mere 2-7 on the back end of games played on the road (falling to Cleveland, Dallas, Chicago, Washington, Phoenix and Charlotte). What’s more, one of those tail end road wins came in Philadelphia, where the Celtics needed a last-second alley-oop from Rajon Rondo to Garnett to escape with the win.

Yeah, that sounds about right.

Bring on the Lakers! (and the All Star break please)

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