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Jazz Hands

Looks like we got our signals crossed and nobody signed up for the Jazz game recap.  So I'll just link to the work that Jay did on CelticsTown and quote a portion of it.  Enjoy.

Entertaining, indeed: Celtics outlast Jazz, 107-102 | Celtics Town 

But the Jazz could not defeat the Boston Celtics, not even with so much effort, not even on a night when Utah controlled the three-second key. The Celtics made all the necessary plays in the fourth quarter to hold Utah at bay. Ray Allen drained a number of jumpers deserving of the Sam Cassell dance (expected), and Rajon Rondo — God bless his normally-broken jump shot — drained a free throw-line jumper to seal the deal (not expected). Paul Pierce scored 21 points on ten shots, including a clutch three-pointer of his own, and Kevin Garnett double-doubled for the fifth straight game (yeah, that’s impressive). Avery Bradley took six shots in six minutes, even making two of them, and Rajon Rondo was fantastically aggressive (despite passing up a couple open layups in favor of passing the ball).

Final - 2.28.2011 1 2 3 4 Total
Boston Celtics 30 26 23 28 107
Utah Jazz 21 32 22 27 102

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