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Your Daily Update On Buyouts And Injuries

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The trade deadline is several days into the rear view mirror but there is still no news on where each of the buyout free agents will land. Steve Bulpett, however, gives us a few hints.

Heat-ed battle for help -

Corey Brewer could be the next target. There was some uncertainty about him being freed, but that was close to being the case yesterday. It’s been learned the Celtics have spoken to agents of other available players, as well, and word is it’s quite possible they could come away with someone not among the familiar names.

Food for thought: If the C's knew that Brewer would be available after the deadline, would they have paid the price they did to acquire Jeff Green? I suppose we'll never know.

Bulpett goes on to state that Bibby seems like a logical fit in Miami where he's likely to start. Then points out that Murphy's opportunity for playing time in Boston ("he's still torn" according to Wojo) is a bit cloudy because we don't know how healthy Jermaine O'Neal and Shaq are going to be down the stretch. To that end, here's the latest on those two.

The Boston Globe

Center Shaquille O’Neal is likely to miss one to two more weeks because of an inflamed Achilles’ tendon, and center Jermaine O’Neal is likely out another three to four weeks after undergoing arthroscopic knee surgery in January. "We have every reason to believe and continue to believe that Shaq and J.O. will be healthy,’’ president of basketball operations Danny Ainge said.

This is probably reading a bit too much into it, but as the Boston brass is trying to recruit someone like Murphy and selling him on the idea for playing time - wouldn't it make sense to be extra conservative in the timeline you put out to the press? On the other side, you can't be too pessimistic because you don't want the fanbase to revolt after an unpopular trade left you thin at a position of importance. Or maybe they are just being straightforward and honest about the situation and legitimately hoping that Murphy can help in the short term and hopefully the playoffs as well.

My gut feeling (which I'm sure is shared by many) is that Shaq will eventually be healthy enough to give us a starting center in the playoffs. I'm much less optimistic about Jermaine O'Neal's prospects of a clean bill of health - but I'm hoping I'm wrong.