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Dropkick Murphy Shipping Up To Boston

Looks like Troy Murphy is headed to Boston.

Sources: Forward Troy Murphy picks Boston Celtics over Miami Heat - ESPN Boston

Highly coveted free agent Troy Murphy is signing with the Boston Celtics. Sources close to the situation told that Murphy has chosen to join the Celtics after spending the much of the past 48 hours agonizing between Boston and the Miami Heat since reaching buyout terms with the Golden State Warriors

Marc Spears sent out a tweet that said that he picked the Heat (link now deleted).  Stein followed up with the following tweet.

Troy Murphy HIMSELF confirms to that he is going to Boston. B-O-S-T-O-N

A Sherrod Blakely confirms

Also, the twitter-verse has agreed.  With trading for Green, signing Murphy, and having 2 guys on the roster named O'Neal, we're officially celebrating St. Patrick's Day a couple weeks early.

Green Street " What Troy Murphy brings to the Celtics

Assuming he can recapture his form, Murphy is a better outside shooter than Davis and a far better defensive rebounder. That’s not to say he will pass Davis in the rotation. Davis is much better defensively and he’s also proven to be an integral part of the Celtics, but Murphy gives Rivers another option, and again, that’s what all of Ainge’s maneuvering is really about.

Good, solid signing in my opinion.

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