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Rondo's Slump

While we (rightfully) are concerned about the injuries and indoctrination of the new players, this team will go as far as the Big 4 will get us. Rajon Rondo is like D'Artagnan in that he joined the 3 Musketeers in their elite status, but that just means that he's that much more critical to the team's hopes. He made "The Leap" over the last couple of years, which is why it is jarring to see him look downright pedestrian as he has recently.

Rajon Rondo’s been off lately -

After tying a season low with five assists in Philadelphia on Friday, he broke that mark with three on Sunday against the Bucks. Though he had nine last night, he shot 1-for-10 and finished with two points. "I’m just trying to get healthy," said Rondo. "The last four or five games I haven’t played well. I didn’t shoot the ball well."

It hasn't just been recently either. See Tom's statistical breakdown from last week for more details.

I don't know if it is nagging injuries, wearing down due to large minutes played, or just a garden variety slump. I just hope we see the Rondo we've come to know and love once the playoffs roll around. We've got Delonte West coming back Wednesday (allegedly) and Arroyo has been very solid so far. Perhaps this would be a good time for a healthy scratch day off for Rondo.

Personally I'm not all that worried about it. Like his coach and his teammates I'm pretty sure that he'll get back to normal soon.

Note: Great minds think alike: I just saw Roy's FanPost on this subject here.