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17 Banners - A Collection of Links

Just your garden variety collection of fun links (in no particular order); because there's a lot of C's news and notes and not enough time to cover everything and at the moment I've got nothing better to do while rocking my 3 month old to sleep.  Enjoy.

  1. Jeff Green doesn't know the difference between Star Wars and Star Trek - ESPN Boston
  2. Does Boston’s defense have interior problem? - The Point Forward
  3. Coming soon: Coach Scal? - ESPN Boston
  4. Rajon Rondo’s Production Is Always Bad In March - Larry Brown Sports
  5. An eye on the future - Celtics Town
  6. Shaq makes a surprise visit to a nursing home - Ball Don't Lie
  7. NBA Referees and Defamation; A Burden in the League's Hands? - Welcome to Loud City
  8. Three famous alums from all 68 NCAA tournament teams - The Dagger
  9. Perkins to debut Monday for Thunder, already throwing elbows in West - ProBasketballTalk
  10. Video gold: Super-happy Nets fan - The Basketball Jones
  11. Arroyo's play is on point - ESPN Boston
  12. Red Auebach’s championship rings to be auctioned -
  13. C's are now 2-8 on 2nd night of back-to-back games on the road - Green Street
  14. Nate Robinson Annoys, Big Baby Sings, & Perk Smiles: Deleted Scenes From The Association -
  15. Doc in Chicago for Austin's award - ESPN Boston
  16. Video: Rajon Rondo gets flattened - The Basketball Jones
  17. Video: Paul Pierce Dunks on Kris Humphries - SLAM

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