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Here's How I Know The Bulls Aren't Scared Anymore

I bet Scottie Pippen won't be smiling at the end of the April 7th game.
I bet Scottie Pippen won't be smiling at the end of the April 7th game.

On April 7th, a mere 3 weeks away, the Boston Celtics will face off against their roommates in the 'Top-Seed' Apartments, the Chicago Bulls.

While it is unknown what will become of the standings in those 3 weeks (Both Boston and Chicago have 11 games in that time), an announcement today made me think that maybe the Bulls aren't as scared of the big bad Celtics as they once were.

The Chicago Bulls announced today the team will unveil a bronze bust of Bulls Ambassador and Hall of Famer Scottie Pippen during a halftime ceremony at the Bulls’ sold out game vs. the Boston Celtics on Thursday, April 7 at the United Center. --

Right now, today, the Celtics and the Bulls share the top spot in the East, with the Celtics holding the tiebreaker due to a 2-1 lead in the 3 games the teams have played head-to-head so far. But, with both teams conscious that all things being equal right now, the 2nd seed has a tougher road to the Finals (a probable match-up with Miami,and a possible match-up with New York) than the 1st seed, and home court advantage is quite a card to have in the hole. 

Chicago needs to win their game against Boston on April 7th; it would set the season H2H record at 2-2, and in the event of a standings tie Chicago would then hold the tiebreaker (as they'll likely have a better divisional winning %). And by choosing the sold-out, high-profile Celtics game to honor one of their greatest players, Scottie Pippen, Chicago is sending a loud and clear message that not only do they think they can beat the Celtics...they're saying they will beat the Celtics.

I wonder what our boys in Green will think about that.

H/T Ball Don't Lie

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