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Everybody Loves Da Bulls (and other links)

The Celtics are yesterday's news.  The Magic are still searching for an identity.  The Heat are just a pinata for the media and most NBA fans at this point.  So that leaves the Bulls, now sitting atop the Eastern Conference, to get some love.  Here are some examples.

The Point Forward " Posts Believing in the Bulls as title contenders

The Bulls, by any measure, are a legitimate title contender — possibly even the favorite as things stand now. If there’s a fair knock against them, it’s their middling offense. Chicago ranks only 15th in points per possession and remains prone to the occasional droughts. But the Bulls also possess the league’s best defense, and if you’re going to excel at one end of the floor, history suggests you are better off building a great defense and cobbling together whatever scoring you can manage. 

Rose, Thibodeau perfect match for surging Bulls - NBA - Yahoo! Sports

So much for a slow, sure process in Chicago. Out of nowhere, Rose could be the NBA’s MVP. Out of nowhere, a rookie coach has cultivated a conference championship contender. And out of nowhere, a most improbable partnership has changed everything in the East. No more labels, no more pre-conceived ideas for Derrick Rose and Tom Thibodeau. Together, they have the Chicago Bulls chasing everything now.

Home-court advantage more important to Bulls in NBA playoffs - Ian Thomsen -

Home-court advantage may be more important to the Bulls because Rose has never won a playoff series and will be dealing with an entirely new level of intensive opposition with each successive round. The Celtics know they can win on the road, while this Bulls team has yet to win a series under any circumstances.

I love coach Thibodeau and despite my earlier protests, I have to admit that Rose is probably the league MVP right now.  I still like our team better and I like our chances in a 7 game series - but it ain't going to be easy.

Now, more links totally unrelated to the Bulls.

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