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Doc Rivers Done After This Year?

Marc Stein reports: Weekend Dime: NBA coaching carousel - ESPN

Rivers is one of the NBA's few remaining untouchable coaches, along with San Antonio's Gregg Popovich and the Los Angeles Lakers' Phil Jackson, but countless coaching insiders believe that Rivers will be taking no less than a one-year hiatus at season's end. No matter what happens in the playoffs. Although Celts president Danny Ainge and the veteran trio of Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen were able to lobby Rivers last summer to come back for one last run together, pessimism reigns in Boston when it comes to successfully lobbying him again. Word is Doc is determined to free himself up to see his Duke-bound son, Austin, after work commitments prevented him from watching his other three children as much as he wanted to see them compete in various sports.

Spears names Lawrence Frank as a logical choice as a successor, as well as old friend Kevin McHale.  He also hinted that Ainge might have a "secret candidate" or two up his sleeve.  All I know is that the new guy better be up to the challenge of winning Rajon Rondo's trust - which has never happened quickly in Rondo's career.

There was some talk earlier this year of Doc Rivers coaching here for the rest of his career, but that might have been just optimism and wishful thinking.  Rivers has every right and motivation to take a few years off and enjoy the (probably brief) college career of his son - as well as the rest of his family.  Still, as a greedy Celtics fan, I hope his family once again convinces him to stick around a bit longer.