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Game 68: Where The Knicks Learned 'You Gotta Play For 48 Minutes..Not 47, Not 45, 48.'

Boston 96. New York 86

Yes, the title is stolen from Knicks' great and current co-champion (next to Tommy) for best color analyst in the business, Clyde Frazier.

Well, you all wanted a classic Boston Celtics performance, and you got the third and fourth quarters. There was blood (Ray Allen, Troy Murphy, and Carmelo Anthony all had visible bloody incidents), there was a comeback, and there was a win. This might have been my favorite game of the year to date.

It all stated with a Kevin Garnett dunk. KG had been looking a little silly up until that point; on defense he was getting burned by the likes of Ronny Turiaf and Amar'e Stoudemire, Paul Pierce had been a none factor, and the Celtics had been down doubles digits, and only held to 37 points in the first half. But after that dunk, you just kind of felt like everything was going to be alright.

While Kevin Garnett led all scorers tonight with 24 points, but I can't really just mention him alone. In the third quarter the Knicks' bench was keeping the Celtics at bay, and after a clear path foul on Delonte West, the momentum shifted.

We saw a little bit of everything tonight. Classic Rajon Rondo getting into the pain, scoring, passing, open layups, forcing turnovers and going after loose balls. Man it felt good to see Rondo play like that.

Paul Pierce had been a non-factor up until the 4th, but he went on ahead and redeemed himself like the champion he is, scoring 13 in the 4th alone.

Glen Davis and Jeff Green played fantastic off the bench, Ray Allen's mom looked angry, Spike Lee was there, it felt like a playoff game.

Best line of the night, Clyde after C's go up 94-86, with just under a minute left: And the Knicks faithful heading to the exits now.

Man, what a game. Glad I got to be here watching it.

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