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The Return Of The O'Neal Bros. (and other links)

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Update: Sources: Shaq gets a shot, back in boot - ESPN Boston

Celtics center Shaquille O'Neal continues to fight inflammation in his ailing right foot and resorted to a cortisone shot earlier this week to help get back on the court by an April 1 target date, according to sources.


Jermaine O'Neal and Shaquille O'Neal would have helped a great deal in the paint against the Grizzlies on Wednesday. Now there are reports that they might be hitting the court soon. See those and several other links below (conveniently split into subgroups - don't get used to this, I can't promise to do it every day).

Boston's Bigs

  1. Doc on WEEI: Jermaine will rejoin the team on Monday -
  2. Shaq returning April 1? - Yahoo! Sports
  3. In his head? Krstic struggles vs. Grizzlies - ESPN Boston
Familiar Faces
  1. Would ‘the baddest man on the planet’ Leon Powe help the Celtics now? - WEEI
  2. Powe happy he chose to sign with the Grizzlies - CSN
  3. Would things be better for the Boston Celtics if the trade had gone differently? - ESPN Boston
  4. "I’m a Celtic, but unfortunately, I wear a Grizzlies jersey right now," - Tony Allen via WEEI
  5. Once a Celtic, always a Celtic - The Basketball Jones
  6. Tony Allen Regretting Taking (defensive) Talents to Memphis? - CelticsBlog FanPost
Late Game Issues
  1. Doc Rivers: "And no, Baby was not supposed to shoot the three" - Celtics Town
  2. Playbook: Why C's final possessions fizzled - ESPN Boston
  3. Paul Pierce on getting touches late: ‘I’m not going to make that an issue’ - WEEI
General Celtics Notes
  1. Boston’s First Quarter Letdowns -
  2. Ainge, Rivers begin talks about new contract - CSN
  3. Rondo even more gun-shy than we thought - The Basketball Jones
  4. Marquis Daniels to have surgery on bruised spinal cord | ProBasketballTalk
NBA News & Notes
  1. Stan Van Gundy says media already picked Derrick Rose as MVP - ESPN
  2. Derrick Rose No Better An NBA MVP Candidate Than Russell Westbrook -
  3. Top 500: SLAM magazine's greatest NBA players - NBA - Yahoo! Sports
  4. Sports Radio Interviews - Erik Spoelstra Surprisingly Didn’t Anticipate All The Attention And Would Take Back The Crying Comments If He Had A Do Over
  5. The Scouting Report on Jimmer Fredette - Good but Not Great -
  6. Mike Krzyzewski still won't leave Duke Blue Devils to coach Los Angeles Lakers - ESPN Los Angeles