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Shaq Ok After Shot; C's Practice Hard

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A couple quick notes this morning. Apparently that shot that Shaq got was not a setback after all.

Source: Shaquille O’Neal OK after shot -

Shaquille O’Neal is on track to begin working with the Celtics [team stats] in the next week after a source confirmed the center received a cortisone shot to alleviate problems with his right Achilles tendon. The source was quick to point out that the fact Shaq received the shot Tuesday does not indicate there has been any setback.

Also, it looks like the team is starting to gear up for the playoffs.

The push is on at practice - The Boston Globe

After tonight’s game against Charlotte, only 11 games remain in the regular season for the Celtics. And there will be even fewer practices. So yesterday’s full-throttle workout, accompanied by Doc Rivers’s full-throated coaching, might have set the tone for the immediate future.

Here's hoping we have a nice run to finish out the regular season and prep for the playoffs.