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More Ray Allen Please

Not that this is the sole reason we lost or anything, but it sure would be nice to see more shots distributed to the best shooter that ever lived. Just a thought.

Current situation of the Celtics is wrenching to Allen - The Boston Globe

Allen needs more than four shots in the first three quarters of any game, especially as the Celtics’ best perimeter shooter by far. He sent a message last night with his slipping out the backdoor, but he may be out of explanations for why his role has been diminishing. Allen has attempted nearly three fewer shots per game in March than in February. In the past four games, Allen, 35, has logged an average of 37 minutes and has taken just over nine shots per game. The Celtics have lost three of those games. The Celtics are 18-4 this season when Allen scores 20 or more points. That statistic cannot be ignored.

In other news, Jermaine has pronounced himself ready to go with "no limitations" but his coach has different thoughts.

Jermaine O’Neal near return - The Boston Globe

"There’s a chance [he could play Thursday], but I doubt it,’’ said Rivers. "It’s just so quick. Honestly, the only way is if we had some other injury or something. Even then, I doubt if I’d do it. I’d go with the six guys we’d have in uniform.’’