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Trendy (Month by Month Win Percentage)

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Wins by month.
Wins by month.

March hasn't exactly been kind to us this year and it got me to thinking about this time last year.  Which further got me to thinking about the overall trends that this team has gone through as the season progressed.  Being a visual learner, I plugged the month by month numbers into a graph to see what I could come up with. (I threw out Oct. data because it was only 2 or 3 games at most and I'll note that April data isn't an ideal comparison since it is just a half month each year)

My first impression is that the story holds with what I figured was happening.  The team always starts off hot, dips around the New Year, then has mixed results the rest of the way.  Upon further inspection, it seems like the wins are trending down.  The post New Year results have been bad the last couple years which makes me wonder if the wearing down theory has some weight to it.  This year by itself has been surprisingly above average but still slowly trending downward.  It has also (so far) been the worst March.

Here's hoping we can follow along with the '08-'09 season (you know, other than seeing KG hurt) to finish out the year strongly in April. Of course that was the shortest post season run but playing without Garnett had a lot more to do with that than anything else that happened in the regular season.

Anyway, feel free to draw your own conclusions and share them with the class.

Bonus Link: Kurt Helin reminds us that these late season slumps are nothing new for the Spurs and Celtics, but "count them out at your own peril."