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Ticket Giveaway to Benefit Pine Tree Camp

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Prize_pack_mediumCeltics Stuff Live, CelticsBlog, and CLNS Radio are giving away tickets in support of Pine Tree Camp. Register to win tickets to the Boston Celtics April 8th home game against the Washington Wizards, a limited edition Maine Red Claws Yearbook from their inaugural season signed by Head Coach Austin Ainge, three T-Shirts and a sticker from Bottom Line Apparel (see the picture to the right).

No purchase is necessary to enter and win, but we hope that you will consider supporting Pine Tree Camp, an extraordinary summer camp for Maine children and adults with disabilities. Simply fill out the form and hit submit to be in the running to win these great prizes. Then take the opportunity to learn why Pine Tree campers say things like "I can't wait for that feeling again. Pine Tree Camp is the only place I feel I have no barriers."

A warm and special thank you to the Boston Celtics, Maine Red Claws, and Bottom Line Apparel for the donation of these items in support of the giveaway.

Click Here To Fill Out A Registration Form!