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Celtics Stuff Live: Chris Forsberg

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Tonight's show will feature Chris Forsberg from ESPNBoston in a pregame version of our Sunday Night Show.  Please Note That We Will Be Starting At 8pm!!!  After the win against Golden State on Friday night and a solid performance by Jeff Green,Chris had this from Coach Doc Rivers:

Rivers said Oklahoma City coach Scotty Brooks had raved about Green's speed and the Celtics simply took advantage of it Friday.

"Well, it’s funny, we didn’t do anything; He just ran the floor," said Rivers. "He’s a gazelle. I mean, the guy can absolutely fly. And our guys know that now and you can see them, they’re giving it to him, and he knows that they’ll get it to him, so he’s running. There’s a couple times that Kevin actually slowed down so he could run by him because he saw that he had his mean beat. And that’s just great awareness."

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