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Boston Beats Milwaukee In Game Hit By Ugly Stick

Boston 89, Milwaukee 83

We should have seen this coming. Both teams were missing key guys in the paint, and both teams are among the NBA's best at defending and slowing down the pace, and this was the logical outcome.

Milwaukee controlled the game from the 2nd quarter and into the third, but never got very far ahead, due mostly to solid, solid play from Nenad Krstic (7-8 from field, 17pts) and Paul Pierce (8-13 from field, 23 points), who combined missed only (I believe) 1 shot through about mid-way though the third.

The Celtics looked like they were going to take control of the game by the end of the third, after beginning the frame down 6, but ending it up 69 to 65. The C's lost their momentum heading into the 4th though and found themselves tied as late as 3 mins left on the backs of hustle baskets from Milwaukee's hustle-monsters Jon Brockman and Luc Mbah a Moute (4 pts and 19 pts respectively on the game), as well as inspired play by Brandon Jennings, who managed 23 points, 5 rebounds, and 4 assists tonight without the big target of Andrew Bogut down low.

Jennings play also was a stark contrast to Rondo's tonight, as Rajon Rondo laid an egg for a solid 90% of the game, at one point having move turnovers (8) than points and assists combined. He pulled it together later in the game though with big steals and smart passes, and proved that even when one of your guys is struggling for most of the game, anything is better than Avery Bradley right now.

Jeff Green had another stellar game off the bench, with an efficient 5-8 from the field and big shots in the 3rd and 4th quarters, specifically a 3pter that put the Celtics up 5 with 3:30 left.

Ugly, ugly game, but a win.

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