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Game 80: Where Nobody Had A Broom...Or A Clue

Chris Bosh takes candy from a baby.
Chris Bosh takes candy from a baby.

Miami Heat 100, Boston Celtics 77

Ouch, our pride.

The Celtics had an opportunity to sweep the Heat in the regular season and virtually guarantee home court advantage in the second round of the playoffs, as well as gain ground against a possible Finals match up against the Lakers (assuming they can get there).

Turns out, they had other plans. The game started out really well. Rondo was penetrating, the Celtics were hitting their shots, they were playing tough defense, but after a 6-0 run to end the first frame, things looked like they were shifting.

This game featured smart, aggressive play, tough defense, good rebounding good ball movement, and composure even through possible momentum shifting plays. And that's just for the Heat.

The Celtics lacked composure, they lacked enthusiasm, they lacked purpose, and they..they just lacked in general. In a game that looked like the perfect opportunity to really show up and prove that the Chicago game was a fluke, the Celtics just laid a big huge easter egg.

Two more regular season games left. Thank you, Lord.