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The Triple Double with Posting & Toasting

I didn't want to do a traditional series preview so Seth from Posting & Toasting and I did some brainstroming and came up with this idea we're calling The Triple Double.  3 things you may not know about our teams and 3 bold predictions for the series.  As you might tell, we didn't take ourselves too seriously but we had fun and we hope you enjoy.

(Note: You will see mine posted on Posting & Toasting shortly)

The following was written by Seth

Three things you might not have known about the Knicks:

1. Toney Douglas can win an entire game by himself. Seriously. I don't think the Celtics have gotten a whiff of Toney Douglas reallllly doing what Toney Douglas do. Every once in a while, Douglas gets rowdy from downtown and is capable of hitting oodles of three-pointers. He hit nine of 'em (tying a Knicks record) in March against the Grizzlies, and sank 6 of 9 in a win over the Raptors just a few weeks later. When that shot's falling, it really opens up his passing game, too. Toney just recently started making sharp pick-and-roll feeds, due in large part to the way defenders have to get out on him. I'm praying he can be a spark off the bench and, in at least one game, find the touch from outside.

2. Maybe you did know this, but Carmelo Anthony is raining threes of late. For his career, he averages only 2.5 three-point attempts per game, but in his first month as a Knick, he was pulling 4 times per night, and in April he was up to 7.3 per. I doubt he'll be that reckless in the postseason, but Celtics fans (and, one would imagine, the Celtics themselves) should prepare for a more downtown-oriented than in years past.

3. Um...well, y'all got a bit of a glimpse in that gong show on Wednesday, but Anthony Carter is a meaningful part of this team. He'll take his open shots, make some very nervy passes, and defend bigger players without fear. Also, did you know Carter came up as a street hustler in Atlanta? No? Well, now you do. FEAR ANTHONY CARTER.

Three bold predictions:

1. Bill Walker has a big game or two against his former team. Y'all know Walker's talented, and if he gets the minutes, I think he's good for at least one offensive explosion. Bill can drill from pretty much any range, but when he's motivated to do things off the dribble, he can actually anchor an entire offensive unit.

2. The Knicks win all their home games. Madison Square Garden hasn't seen good playoff basketball in a decade. The place is going to be absolutely insane, and I think Melo, Amar'e, Billups et al. will really feed off that excitement. Games in Boston are going to be nuts as well, I'm sure, but 7 years without playoffs gets fans pretty hungry.

3. The Knicks sweep the Celtics. What? You said "bold", didn't you?

One more thing:

I don't know if you guys learned this while he was a Celtic, but Bill Walker is grossed out by barber's clippers. That seems important.

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