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The Triple Double With Posting & Toasting (Part 2)

As promised, my 3 "Things you may not know about the Celtics" and 3 "bold predictions" are up at Posting & Toasting here.  Here's a sample:

1. All the problems the Celtics have can be traced back to the Kendrick Perkins trade.  We don't have a defensive presence in the paint.  We don't have the same swagger.  We don't have anyone that can set monster (moving) picks to free Ray Allen.  We don't have anyone to scowl and pick up technicals for no apparent reason.  Jeff Green isn't allowed to sit at the cool kids table in the cafeteria at lunch.  Rondo cries himself to sleep at night and during games looks over at the bench just hoping to see Kendrick as if it was all just a bad dream.  Doc de-friended Danny on Facebook.  The NFL lockout happened because Goodell is a big Perkins fan and doesn't see the point in sports if he can't root for him in Celtic green.  The Red Sox are 2-9 since the Perkins trade; no one denies this!  (Note: some of this was sarcastic, I'll let you decide how much of it isn't)

In other fun news, here is a comment that I tweeted the other day:

Twitter / @celticsblog

I want to see Ray hit a dagger 3, turn to Spike and give the choke sign as a hat tip to Reggie #fliptheswitch

It looks like Spike saw it and responded:

Twitter / @Spike Lee

@celticsblog That Fantasy you dream of will never happen. Too much Respect and Love between Ms. Flo Allen/Ray and myself. Dream another one

Thanks Spike.  Enjoy the series.  Or rather, don't.

Bonus link: Glen Davis provides bulletin board material to the Knicks.

Celtics' Davis says it's not 'hard' to guard Knicks' Stoudemire -

Glen Davis acknowledged the skills of Amar'e Stoudemire. But the Celtics' power forward said guarding the Knicks' All-Star is no big deal. "It's really not that hard," Davis said. "I don't know why. I've been tripping. I give him too much credit. I just have to make him react to me, not me react to him because it's too late. If he gets one step on you, he's too strong and too quick. You just have to make him play your game."