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The Switch Flickered

It's on now.
It's on now.

After waiting for The Switch to come on, it was a little unnerving to see it flicker for a few quarters before finally clicking on during the 3rd quarter.

My primary source of comfort with this team is the simple fact that when they chose to, they can turn it on and look like the Celtics we've come to know and love. The primary source of my discomfort is the fact that they often chose not to play like that for whatever reason.

Last night started off like the regular season ended but ended like it started. It is almost as if the bad habits developed over the last several weeks carried over. But sure enough, when they needed it most, the switch came on and the team rallied and won.

Credit Jermaine O'Neal for creating transition offense with his defense. Credit Ray Allen for being patient enough to let the game come to him (and knowing just what to do when it did). Credit Doc Rivers for drawing up exactly the right out-of-bounds plays in the final moments. And credit the whole team for not giving up on game 1 and showing just what kind of team they can be.

Now they just have to leave that switch locked into the on position for the rest of the playoffs and we'll do just fine.

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