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Request: Fewer Jumpers From Big Baby

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I'm no scout or coach and I'm not saying that this is the only reason we have been losing recently.  But I'm not the only one saying this.  I humbly submit that Glen Davis needs to take fewer jump shots.

Death of the killer instinct - The Boston Globe

And Rivers made an astute observation about the second half, revealing that when he called halfcourt sets, the Celtics’ big men floated to the perimeter and settled for jump shots. One of those culprits was Glen Davis, who ignored the paint and launched eight jumpers, hitting a desperation 32-footer. Davis took three shots in the paint and made them all. That pretty much sums up the Celtics’ stubbornness.

Also, remember when Jeff Green was acquired and Doc raved about how he could be used in a James Posey type of small lineup at the end of games? Instead he has stuck with Big Baby, which makes some sense because of the familiarity and Glen's defensive footwork.  But when we are struggling to make buckets and part of that is because teams are giving Baby open looks in favor of clamping down on our shooters, that's a problem.  Perhaps Doc could experiment with letting Jeff Green close out a few games.  Just to see how it works.  Just a thought.

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