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Death By Rondo

The Grim Reaper in pint size form.
The Grim Reaper in pint size form.

I hope I'm not over-quoting this post (so please, follow the link and read the rest) but it put such a big smile on my face that I couldn't help but share the whole paragraph.

NBA Playoffs Knicks-Celtics: 4 Horsemen Riding -

Death, thy name is Rajon Rondo. 15 points, 11 rebounds, 20 assists. The first 20-assist triple-double since Magic Johnson in 1991. Those offensive rebounds that lead to those threes? Six of them for Rondo. The floater, the mid-range, and dish, after dish, after dish. The Celtics were on a whole different level than the Knicks tonight. Rondo was on a level beyond that. He was so good his teammates couldn't keep up at points. Rondo was dribbling between his legs and behind his back on the baseline after offensive rebounds. It was as brilliant of a pure-point performance as you'll see in the league. The Rajon Rondo from the beginning of the season is most definitely back.  


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