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Paul Pierce Is Good At Guarding LeBron

None shall pass.
None shall pass.

Nice statistical look at the book on guarding the Miami Heat, including this blurb about Paul Pierce's defense on LeBron.

The book on LeBron James vs. Boston - Heat Index Blog - ESPN

According to Newmann and Oliver, Pierce checked LeBron 69 percent of the time, with Rajon Rondo, Jeff Green and Marquis Daniels (no longer with the team) filling in the rest. But against Pierce, LeBron shot just 43 percent from the field and his efficiency plummeted to depths rarely seen from him. In fact, LeBron scored 75 points per 100 possessions with Pierce covering him, down from his 93 points per 100 possessions when guarded by all other Celtics defenders. 

Not going to label Pierce with the term "LeBron Stopper" because he's still going to get his points, but it is nice to know that the stats back up what we've all seen: Pierce gives James as hard a time as anyone.

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