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Rondo Was Hurting (& Other Links)

Jackie MacMullan submits her usual insightful article on the most important Celtic in this most interesting matchup.  In it Rondo opens up about some bumps and bruises that were slowing him down during his slump (that he has had time to recover from now).

How Rajon Rondo got his confidence back for Boston Celtics - ESPN Boston

"I don't want to make excuses, but my body wasn't right,'' Rondo said. "It wasn't responding the way it always had. My game is speed, energy, and now you get a tweak in your ankle and that slows you down. "My hands started hurting. It was almost like arthritis. Any little hit and they would just throb and throb. Then I had the plantar fasciitis, and that wouldn't go away, so you had all these nagging things that added up. I tried to play through it. Some days I did better than others.''

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