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Shaq hobbles off court in 2nd quarter with right calf strain

In 4:40 of play in the first quarter, we saw exactly what we wanted to see out of Shaquille O'Neal. He was active, he was scoring, he was deflecting passes, and he was down in the paint. He was the body the Celtics have been lacking ever since he went down.

Then in the second quarter, we saw exactly what we didn't want to see -- him hobbling off the court. In the opening seconds of the second quarter, Shaq, seemingly untouched running down the court, began limping heavily on his right leg -- the report from the Celtics is a right calf strain, and it is uncertain as to whether or not he will return tonight.

It would seem pretty unlikely that he would return in this case though.

Shaq missed time in early December with a right calf strain, so this is not a first time thing for the seven-footer.

The only bit of good news out of this is that it isn't the heel or the Achilles Tendon, which have been bigger problems for Shaq this season.

We'll have more on this after the game.

Update: Shaq will not return.