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A Win is a Real Loss

Oh my God....another setback....Noooooooooooooo.............
After the first few minutes of the second quarter, I didn't really care what happened the rest of the way. Shaq hobbled off the court and my mind went black....lights out, depressing, mindless black. I only began to hear sounds when Greg Dickerson said "it was not his Achilles, but a strained right calf....only then could I see some light and hear bits of sound came back. I suddenly thought further about those three words that have come to haunt us already this season (and more than once): "strained right calf" Wait!!!!....the healing process can be an eternity, especially for a 39 year old nursing a tender Achilles heel. We don't have an eternity!!! We have 6 games left - which is a few games short of an eternity in any universe. Arghhhhh...

Ok back to the game recap...I can't think 

  • Celtics finished with 26 points in the 1st Quarter, and yet trailed by three. Shaq looked really great if only for a  fleeting moment in time. RIP ripped a piece of Ray Allen's scalp with an oral foul to the back of the head. 
  • After Shaq went out ...Celtics ended up opening a 49-39 lead with about 3 minute left in the         quarter...unfortunately they gave it right back to finish the first half  only up by one 49-48. Terrible close out to the quarter for the Celtics
  • Big Baby did shoot less in the first half and seemed semi-conscious of his recent gunner and well earned moniker. Rajon was aggressive and in good form. Delonte West played great defense and Jermaine was...well...... uninjured and quite decent in his play.
  • The Celtics turned it up a notch in the third quarter and by the 4:05 mark we had a 10 point lead. Rondo at this point had 11 assists but I all I could think about were the words "strained right calf" 
  • Ray Allen has still only taken three shots at this point in the game. Why? I have no idea but KG shooting very well however. Very nice "team ball" in the 3rd quarter and the Celtics close it out with a 16 point lead........ sound familiar? I now start thinking about "strained right calf muscle and "Celtic Fukishima Meltdown". I am multi-tasking depressing thoughts. Could it happen?
  • We opened up a 18 point lead, then it immediately slipped to 9 points on a 9-0 Piston. What!!! The we push it back to 15 and then back to 11 and I was getting a really sick feeling from a possible Celtic Fukishima Meltdown radiation damage to my brain.
  • Rajon and company were quite sloppy with the ball in the last half of this quarter, but we manage to pull out a win and we rack up the loss once again of The Big Shamrock. Lucky Charms? I think not..... As the world turns.......Peace.