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Shaq May Play Friday (Chatting Tonight)

Good news out of Waltham today.

Doc: Shaq 'may play at end of the week'

"He may play at the end of the week," said Rivers following Monday's practice, which included every player except O'Neal. "We're just not sure yet. If that's what it requires. We're going to do whatever they tell us is required. Other than that, I would love to play him, honestly, a couple of game."

Also, it sounds like Shaq is going to do some chatting during the NCAA title game tonight on Sporting News

In other big man news, it looks like both Nenad Krstic and Troy Murphy were practicing today and should be available for Tuesday night's game.  Which begs the question: will we finally have to answer the question of "who will play what roles if everyone's healthy?"  The guess here is Shaq to start, Jermaine as his backup, and Nenad as the 3rd big.  Even with all 3 healthy, I'm sure Doc will want to rotate their minutes to keep everyone healthy and fresh.

In case you are wondering, Doc knows exactly what he's going to do when he gets everyone healthy.

Playoff prep already underway | Courtside View

“As far as the (playoff rotation), I know it. It’s set. But we’ve just got to get it together. “That’s not going to happen until (everyone’s available). We’ll do it through practices. We’ll be ready. I know it. I just haven’t seen it. And that’s fine.” Rivers indicated the rotation would be last night’s starting five with Shaquille O’Neal (if healthy) in place of Jermaine O’Neal in the starting lineup. Then it would be Jermaine O’Neal, Nenad Krstic, Glen Davis, Jeff Green and Delonte West coming off the bench.

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