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Game 78: Where The Bulls Are Who Everyone Told Us They Were

Even Carlos Boozer played defense tonight. No, seriously.
Even Carlos Boozer played defense tonight. No, seriously.

Chicago: 'A Lot', Boston: 'Substantially Less'

I'm not going to waste my time dissecting this game, because it wasn't about X's and O's. Sure, Derrick Rose absolutely dominated Rajon Rondo, and inside rarely found much resistence to stop him from either taking the shot he wanted, or making the pass he wanted. Sure, the Bulls were better from outside, but that's really coming down to the Bulls having an average shooting night and the Celtics shooting terribly.

But there is a reason the Celtics shot terribly. For one, Kurt Thomas, Joakim Noah, and even Omer "The Turkish Delight" Asik were beasts inside, and Luol Deng had a Pippen-esque defensive performance tonight. More than anything though it was just an unrelenting energy from Chicago. They played like we've come to expect the Celtics to play. They were active defensively, and unrelenting. They didn't take possessions off, and even when they screwed up a rotation or allowed penetration, they hustled like a man possessed to get back to rights. Even Kyle Korver..I'm not kidding.

That meant that the Celtics had no time for hand wringing on offense. That meant that if the Celtics had an open shot, they either took it without thinking, or it was taken away. That meant more often than not the Celtics put up a shot they didn't want to. It meant the Celtics got a taste of what its like to play a team that has gelled cohesively around the idea that they will win games with their defense and just bought into being the best they can on that end. Basically it meant the Celtics got a taste of what it has been like to play the Celtics for most of the past 4 seasons.

I could go on. The Bulls Bullied us. We got swept up by Windy Chicago. I dunno. There are other puns out there, but I don't care to try and figure them out. Tonight sucked, bring on the playoffs.

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