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Predictions for Celtics vs. Heat

SBNation asked for predictions from the bloggers for the Heat and Celtics, David from Peninsula is Mighter and I gave our takes.  Here are a few quotes.

Heat Vs. Celtics Predictions, NBA Playoffs 2011: Can LeBron James Overcome Boston Ghosts? -

One of my predictions (click the link above for the rest):

Rajon Rondo will average a triple-double for the series.  Rajon already came close to accomplishing this feat against the Bulls a couple of years ago and the Miami Heat simply have no reasonable answer for him.  Mario Chalmers can’t keep in front of him and Mike Bibby won’t even try.   Rotating LeBron James on him will only open up Paul Pierce and as Mike Prada pointed out, switching Dwyane Wade onto him isn’t a much better idea either.  Between the extra days of rest, game planning, and natural matchup advantages, Rajon Rondo has the potential for a historically great series.

And a blurb of David's take:

Obviously each teams reserve players are going to make an impact, and while Boston seems to be the deeper squad, Miami just needs to get some consistency form their bench. If guys like James Jones and Mario Chalmers can continue to hit their outside shots, the Heat's chances get that much better. As an added bonus, it looks like Miami is going to be getting Udonis Haslem back in the lineup, which is absolutely huge.

See the rest here.

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