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Celtics Can't Take The Heat

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Like I said in the first half post, that couldn't have gone much worse.  Bad execution, turnovers, early foul trouble, poor rotations, and basically shooting themselves in the foot all game long.
  • Shaq won't fix this - we need better execution.
  • Three comeback attempts were smacked down each time.  Can't play less than a full game against the Heat and expect to squeak out a win like they did against the Knicks.
  • Sure, the refs blew that flagrant foul call (it will be overturned or reduced) and tossed Paul Pierce without cause, but ...umm, we were down double digits already.
  • Worth saying again: please don't blame this on the refs, that's weak.  Did the refs blow some calls?  Sure.  But we got rocked fair and square.
  • Hopefully Paul Pierce doesn't get a suspension for the semi-head-butt.
  • If not for outside shooting, this game would have been even worse.  As a team we shot 50% from deep and Ray alone hit 5 a wasted effort.
  • Rondo didn't dominate his matchups.  It wasn't quite a draw, but he needs to destroy those guys and didn't.
  • Still not much from the bench outside of a couple of 3 pointers by Jeff Green.
  • More later, ...after I cool off.