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Doc Rivers: "I'm Leaning Heavily Toward Coming Back"

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Well, this makes me feel just a tiny bit better.

Rivers leaning toward returning -Celtics blog - Boston Globe

"I'm leaning heavily toward coming back," said Rivers. "I haven't made that decision, but I can tell you, I probably will. I've kind of come to that over the last couple of weeks. You know I'm a Celtic and I love our guys. And I want to win again here. I'm competitive as hell and I have a competitive group."

Maybe there's some room for hope for the future.  I can't stress how huge this news could be for us.  Regardless of the direction Danny takes this offseason (reload, rebuild, whatever) Doc is the man we want running the show.  He could sign a lifetime contract right now and I'd do backflips.

Along similar lines, Ray Allen just indicated that he'll be back (picking up his $10M option for next season).

We'll discuss more at length tomorrow.  For now, lets just let this sink in.

Thanks very much to all the Celtics fans for another great season on CelticsBlog.  Obviously we're not going anywhere.  In fact, we've got a huge offseason coming up.  So take some time to grieve if you like, but come on back when you are ready to talk.  We'll be here.  Cheers.

Bonus Link: Doc's post game press conference