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If The Window Is Closed, It Was A Heck Of A Run

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Maybe this is a case of writing a team's obituary before they are dead, but people all around are paying their respects for the Celtics as if The Window is already closed.

The End Of Ubuntu, And Why The Boston Celtics Will Last Forever -

50 years from now, when I think back on this era, I'll remember the Lakers for their ability to dominate despite obvious dysfunction. I'll remember the Spurs as the basketball equivalent to Kafka's killing machine. But the Celtics will be filled with a lot more warmth than either of those.

Boston Celtics Have Already Made Their Mark, No Matter What Happens Next -

This has been a team worth celebrating, despite binary failure in the past three seasons. This is a team worth remembering when all is done, a team worth notating as the grandfathers of the modern Superteam. (That's not an "old" joke, promise.) And for the next two or three seasons, so long as Garnett stalks and Pierce bucks and Allen strokes and Rondo winds, it's a team worth enjoying. The Boston Celtics have failed in the binary, granular sense in a way that is unmistakable: they have lost. But that doesn't erase all that they have given us and will give us. Long live the Celtics.

Can't blame them really. There's a really, really good chance that this team's title chances (at least the team as we know it) are over and done with. If so, will you have any regrets? I won't. They gave us a title and 4 years of Championship contending basketball and they did it with Celtic pride. I just can't ask for more than that.