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Danny Ainge Hires Son Austin

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Doc isn't the only guy that got a contract from Danny Ainge today.  

Boston Celtics Call-Up Austin Ainge To Front Office From NBA D-League - Ridiculous Upside

The Boston Celtics made the first NBA Development League coaching call-up of the offseason on Friday, hiring former Maine Red Claws as the team's new Director of Player Personnel. Ainge is the son of Danny Ainge, the team's President of Basketball Operations, and will be involved in the player personnel department for the NBA franchise. The position, according to sources,came along with a three-year contract.

Score one for nepotism I guess.  I admit I didn't follow the Red Claws closely this year, but it would seem that Austin did well enough to earn this promotion.  The Claws will now look for a new head coach.  Hey, I hear Phil Jackson is out of work!