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Nenad Krstic Wants To Return To The Celtics

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"Should I stay or should I go now?"
"Should I stay or should I go now?"

A lot of attention is given to Jeff Green and Glen Davis, and rightly so, but the Celtics have another free agent that may or may not return next year.  Nenad Krstic was great for us at first, then faded a little, then got hurt, and never really made it back into the regular rotation.  It would be interesting to see what we could get from him with a full training camp to learn the system (if such a thing exists given the lockout that could happen).  Nenad is saying the right things so far.

Nenad Krstic keen on staying -

"I want to come back here," he said. "Obviously I want to see what my options are, but I definitely like the organization and I like the team. If you ask me, yes, but I don’t know if they want me."

It sounds like the feeling is mutual from Danny Ainge

He never got his starting job back after he got hurt, and then he got hurt again on the other knee. So he had two bruised knees. He was finally healthy by the time the Miami series started, but by then Jermaine was playing really well defensively for us, and Doc was trying to get (Glen Davis') confidence back, and was trying to get something out of Baby that we had the first half of the season. In the last game Krstic was back, ready and contributing."

I think the key here is his continuing health issues.  At some point you just have to wonder if he'll ever be fully healthy for a full season again.  While that makes him a little less desirable, it also might make him a better bargain to re-sign.  Seven footers that can consistently hit a midrange jumper don't grow on trees and you have to take what you can get as long as he isn't too pricey.  

He's unrestricted, so the C's don't have the option to match, but provided the rules don't change too drastically in the CBA, we'll probably not have to use any of the exceptions to re-sign him.  I'd especially in a short or non-guaranteed deal.  We'll see how the market plays out but I'd like to see him back in green - especially in a back up role if Jermaine O'Neal or someone else can fill the starter's role.

Steve Bulpett throws out a few other free agent center names (Tyson Chandler, Marc Gasol) but I think he's making the point that those guys probably won't be in the Celtics price range.  One name that he does bring up that might be of interest is DeAndre Jordan (who, if memory serves, is one of Danny's favorites).

Celtics look but can’t make deals until CBA resolved -

Clippers center DeAndre Jordan is a tough and athletic inside player, and, with a .414 career free throw percentage, he could get a group rate with Rondo on shooting lessons.

Like I said, any center options that we can afford will have something about them driving down the price.  We just have to find the right skill mix to fit into our team.