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Ainge Talks NBA Draft

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Danny Ainge talked briefly with the Herald on the NBA Draft.  No real surprises but I thought I'd pass along the quotes anyway.  While everyone understands the need to get some young talent in the post, Danny is not going to focus on any one position.  Instead, he'll stick to his usual draft strategy of picking the "best player available" regardless of position. - Ainge: Big not necessarily better in draft

"Everyone can always use bigs," he said. "And that's where mistakes get made, because you're drafting more for size than what the player can actually do."

Hopefully that doesn't mean wasting a pick on a J.R. Giddens type when a DeAndre Jordan type guy is available.

By the way, in defending his pick last year Ainge says this.

"If Avery were in this draft, he would be in the top five," he said yesterday. "There weren't 20 guys better than him in that draft. He went at No. 19 because he got hurt."

On the other hand, that might be more of an indictment on the strength of the draft.  Of course, that's not how Ainge sees it.  He agrees that the top of the draft board is weak but makes a case for the depth of this year's draft.

"The expanding middle class is how I describe it," said Ainge. "It’s a draft that’s similar to recent drafts, and things seem to be moving in this direction. There’s a lot of decent players. The expanding middle class is how I describe it. "There will be good players, but no transcendent players - no LeBron, Dwight Howard or Derrick Rose."

Not sure I buy that but on the other hand I don't really know much about the guys in this years draft so I can't really say.  I just read that this is the worst draft in years (and they say that every year, but apparently this year they mean it).

Also, Ainge is keeping all doors open.

Weak draft creates options -

"There’s a chance we could move up. We have to see how it unfolds," he said. "We’ll definitely explore the possibilities. We have two (first-round) picks next year, so we have something to use if we wanted to move up in this year’s draft. But we could also explore moving out."

Well, that was a lot of words to tell us nothing we didn't already know.  It must be draft season!

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