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Boston Celtics Daily Links 5/18

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Herald Bill Russell ‘flattered’ by planned memorial
Veteran Mavs teach young Thunder an old-fashioned lesson
Confident Heat is primed for better effort against Bulls
Thunder left defenseless as many try but no one slows Mavs’ Dirk Nowitzki
Cleveland Cavaliers win draft lottery, will draft No. 1
Dirk Nowitzki’s 48 leads Mavericks past Thunder in Game 1
Weak draft creates options
Globe Celtics free agents: Keep him or let him go?
Rivers undergoes throat surgery
Bill Russell, Ray Allen to speak at Obama event
Russell still tallying assists

Celtics Life Wolves GM Kahn Implies the Fix was in on NBA Lottery
What the Hell Happened to...John Bach?
CelticsBlog Cavs Win Consolation Prize
Ainge Talks NBA Draft
Big Baby Bye Bye Bye?
ESPN Russell honored for mentoring program
Eyes on the clock
Rivers' surgery removes benign polyp
McHale, Frank get 2nd interviews
Morning snapshot: Beginning of the end?
Ford's mock draft, Version 2.0
Report card: Shaquille O'Neal
Kendrick Perkins debates merits of experience
Houston Rockets, Kevin McHale to talk for 2nd time this week, sources say
CLNS Radio Taking Off the Green Goggles
I Have a Confession to Make
Dallas Mavericks vs. Oklahoma City Thunder Game One Recap
2010-2011 Report Card: Avery Bradley
Tim Donaghy & the Scotsman: Tonight at 8 pm, EST!
NESN Kendrick Perkins Deserves Support Back in Boston as Thunder Continue to Make Noise in NBA Playoffs
Vote: Which NBA Player Has Had Biggest Impact on the Game?
Bill Russell Says Decision to Erect a Statue of Him 'Happening at the Right Time'
Kevin Garnett Pledges to 'Get Back to the Lab' to Improve for Next Season
Lawrence Frank Deserves Another Head Coaching Opportunity After Stellar Work As Doc Rivers' Right-Hand Man
Celtics Hub Could LeBron James be the next Karl Malone?
Celtics Town Lawrence Frank has second interview with Houston Rockets
Game Thread: Mavericks-Thunder
Glen Davis might have played his last game as a Celtic
Projo Bill Reynolds: Russell to become part of Boston’s landscape — finally
WEEI Bill Russell reflects on his statue
Red's Army The labor negotiations are scaring the crap out of me
Bill Russell is just an unbelievable human being
Your Morning Dump... It's a "middle class" draft
Gloucester times Fishtown Local: Did pizza, computer KO Celtics?
Patriot Ledger Bill Russell to join other legends with statue in his honor
Online Sentinel Time for Celtics to pay piper
Clinton woman's Playboy centerfold to be Celtic-themed
Enterprise Celtics coach Rivers has throat polyp removed
New Haven Register I was thinking:: Celts, Perkins, Shaq and sabotage
Pro Basketball Talk NBA Players Union negotiator dies; talk continue
CBS Sports Kahn's non-cavalier attitude toward Cavs lotto win a shame
Off the Dribble With Time Slipping Away, N.B.A. and Players Plan to Meet
Fox Sports Florida Can Heat outwit Thibodeau's defense?
Yahoo No Love for Glen Davis (not from the Fans or Doc)
CBS Local Celtics Asst. Coach Lawrence Frank Finalist For Rockets Job
Sporting News SBJ: NBA proposes $45 million hard salary cap
Houma Today Time for Shaq to walk away
Nugg Love Investigating The Rumor Mill: Nene
Hoopsworld Pincus: Howard/Paul Moves Will Wait For New CBA