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Celtics Owners Still Willing To Spend

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Hit me Wyc!
Hit me Wyc!

Always good to hear.

Green Street " Wyc Grousbeck on D&C: ‘I want Miami to lose so badly’

Said Grousbeck: "I think we ought to look at keeping these guys together and adding two or three pieces if we can aggressively, whether we can spend more money on other people — that’s been done before. We hit people over the head with the wallet club — $60 million to [Paul] Pierce, $100 million to [Kevin] Garnett, $40 million to [Ray] Allen, extending [Rajon] Rondo, extending Doc. We basically say, ‘Come here, we’re a big-market team. That’s the way we run this thing.’ So, if we can hit some people over the head again this summer, we’ll do it."

I like that phrase "hit people over the head with the wallet club."  Must be something rich folks say.  Hit me Wyc!