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Miami Heat vs. Dallas Mavericks in NBA Finals

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After an epic collapse by the Chicago Bulls, we have our Finals matchup and it is a rematch of the 2006 NBA Finals (which also happened to be an epic collapse). Hopefully Dirk and the Mavericks will have revenge on the mind and take down the Heat.

Follow along at SBNations's Finals Hub for all the latest articles on the series.

Who ya got?

Bonus Link: Heat's NBA Finals Dreams Become Reality -

Instead of the regular season team that could be counted on to crumble in crunch time, Miami's evolved into a team that can never, ever be counted out. Even on the road, facing a double digit deficit with three minutes to play. Even against the NBA MVP, and the best defense in the NBA.

When James and Wade came together with Chris Bosh last summer, it sparked a neverending argument into whether it could actually work. Together, the Heat polarized the NBA like never before. The debate raged into the fall and the winter, too. This spring, though, LeBron, Wade, and the Heat have made all your arguments invalid.

... In Game 5, the dream became reality. For the rest of the NBA, Miami's an absolute nightmare.

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