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The Other Guys (Celtics Free Agents)

Keep your eye on the ball Von.
Keep your eye on the ball Von.

Lets see here, we've looked at Nenad Krstic (article here), Jeff Green (article here), Big Baby (article here), and I'm going to save Delonte West for later, so that leaves the following Celtics free agents:

  • Von Wafer
  • Troy Murphy
  • Sasha Pavlovic
  • Carlos Arroyo

Not the most inspiring group ever, but some of them had moments.  The key phrase to remember here is "replacement value."  In short, are any of these guys better than another player we could get for the veteran minimum or perhaps in the draft?

Wafer was a good fill in when Delonte was either suspended or hurt (which was often).  At first he as a shooting guard that couldn't shoot and didn't bother to defend.  But once he bought into the defensive mentality that Doc demands from this players, he had some nice moments providing some spark off the bench.  He did get into that fight with West in training camp and it sure seemed like the media link came from his "camp" but he stuck with the team and he rewarded their confidence with a solid year.  That said, he wasn't very reliable and was prone to mistakes that drive coaches nuts.

Replacement value: Third string shooting guards are easy to come by in this league and Doc and Danny have talked about adding scoring.  That doesn't bode well for Von.  Still, he has had a full year in the system and would have a leg up on anyone vet minimum guy looking to take his spot .  As long as Danny doesn't draft another J.R. Giddens clone, he should get a look.  On the other hand, if Danny really upgrades the position with a higher value free agent (Jamal Crawford? J.R. Smith?), then bye bye Wafer.

Remember when we were so excited to get Troy Murphy?  He seemed to be the "it" guy during buyout season.  Yeah, that didn't work out so well.  Turns out the Nets knew something we didn't know.  Like that colossal fork sticking out of his back.  Maybe he was more hurt than we knew but it sure looked like "slow and deteriorated skills" to me.

Replacement value: Just about any 2nd round pick would outperform what he gave us last year.  If he somehow shows up for camp in amazing shape and actually shows he can knock down a 3 pointer and grab rebounds like he's done in the past, we can give him a look.  Otherwise, perhaps retirement is a better option.

Sasha is another guy who saw his light dim in recent years.  He wasn't counted on for much and he didn't really do much.  Basically he was an insurance policy for Paul Pierce that wasn't really necessary with Jeff Green in town.  That said, he didn't really do anything to hurt the team and seemed to grasp the defensive concepts that Doc wanted him to.  He had the added value of being Krstic's buddy, that's always nice.

Replacement value: We can probably find more skilled players with more upside than Pavlovic.

I was more than pleased with Arroyo and I think he was just a victim of playoff rotations shortening.  He was very solid and set up the offense like a pro.  West is a more dynamic combo guard option, but Carlos was a more pure point guard.

Replacement value: I'd be happy to see him back.  With Bradley waiting to step up next year I don't think a point guard will be a priority in the draft but you still need a veteran backup option for Rondo.  Maybe they can find someone in free agency but I'm not sure anyone will be a better option than Arroyo.

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