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Celtics Collapse, Heat In Full Control

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Too easy.  Way too easy.
Too easy. Way too easy.

It is going to be a long 4 day wait till game 3. Is this series over? No. We still have a chance to get things going at home. Are the Celtics in a huge hole with few encouraging signs? You bet. I'm not slamming on the panic button just yet, but I'm about as discouraged as I can get after 2 games.

Other comments:

  • 60 points from Wade and LeBron. They are who we thought they were.
  • Jeff Green contributed points early but was abused on defense.
  • Rondo bounced back with a better effort, but it wasn't enough. That's not a good sign.
  • The Heat athleticism is just mind boggling. I don't know why the Celtics don't use more pump-fakes to turn them into paratroopers.
  • Every time the Celtics made a run and took a small lead, the Heat went on their own run and knocked us back on our heels.
  • How much was Paul's ankle hurting him? Only 13 un-Pierce like points and LeBron looked very comfortable no matter who was guarding him.
  • Only 7 shots for Ray Allen? Another failure in ball distribution.
  • Gotta hand it to the Heat, they are beating us at our own game (defense, execution) and they have youth and athleticism to boot. Hard to beat that.
  • Is this a changing of the guard? I sure hope not but it isn't looking good right now.
  • Here's hoping some home cooking turns things around or it is going to be a loooong summer.