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Misery Loves Company: Lakers Lose Again

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Well, if we are going to be down 2 games to none, I'm at least happy to report that the Lakers are also down 0-2.  Oh, and they dropped both of those games at home!  Here's a blurb from the recap (more to come from the MSM I'm sure).

Dirk blasts Lakers again, sends Mavs to 2-0 lead - NBA - Yahoo! Sports

Kobe Bryant scored 23 points for the Lakers, who hadn’t lost the first two games of a playoff series since the 2008 NBA finals—also the last series they lost. Only three NBA teams have come back to win a best-of-seven series after losing the first two at home, where dismayed fans sent the Lakers off with boos and jeers.

After hearing so much last year about how Phil Jackson never lost a playoff series where his team won the first game, I wonder what his record is in series when he loses the first two at home.

Of course if any team is going to collapse after a commanding playoff lead it would be the Mavericks, but let's not dwell on that for long.

Go Mavericks!  Go Dirk!  Go Cuban!  Beat LA!

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