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Boston Has Done It Before

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One of the really nice things about having a team with a history and fraternity of players like the Celtics do is that they can pull from the past for guidance, teaching, and inspiration.

Current C's Can Draw from Franchise's History | - The official website of the Boston Celtics

Havlicek, who played all 16 of his NBA seasons with the Celtics, was a part of an aging core group during the 1968-69 season that fought its way to the NBA Finals and lost its first two games on the road to the Los Angeles Lakers. Many compared last season’s title run by the Celtics to that ’69 squad, and the comparisons are returning again during the postseason. There was no hoo-rah speech at this afternoon’s practice in Waltham, Mass., but Havlicek was present at the facility and one player was able to have a personal conversation with the franchise legend.

It sounds like Big Baby took the time to talk to him and was impressed.

"You like to hear about everybody else's stories and what they did to overcome trials and tribulations, and you try to apply that to the situation that's going on right now," Davis said. "I think just that unbelievable effort - to win a championship you've gotta have unbelievable effort. And that's what we have to do, point blank."

It is going to take an unbelievable effort, but this team does have the talent that those legendary teams did.  They can win these games, they just have to go out there and do it, ...point blank.