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MacMullan: 10 Reasons The Celtics Will Win Game 3

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Need reason for hope? Here's 10 reasons by everyone's favorite writer, Jackie MacMullan. Below is my favorite.

7. The Celtics still haven't played their best basketball

There's no doubt the Heat have contributed to Boston's woes with their defensive schemes, yet to a man, the men in green reported they saw evidence on game film that what ails them can be corrected. Rondo hinted at some different play calls. Garnett talked about blocking out more. "We can play better,'' Rivers said. "We're capable of doing it without a ton of adjustments.''

When we do play our best, nobody can beat us. Even in the New York series the last two games were prone to letdowns. If we play a whole game of basketball the way this team can, we've got a shot and then some.