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MRI Negative - Rajon Rondo Will Play Game 4

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Good news this morning.  Our pint sized hero is ready to lace 'em up again.

MRI clean, Rajon Rondo in line to play -

The Celtics needed reassurance yesterday — any kind of reassurance — and received it when results from an MRI on Rajon Rondo’s dislocated left elbow came back negative. That means there were no signs of a break. Though pain and stiffness bothered the point guard yesterday morning after he reported to the team’s workout facility for treatment, the Celtics are proceeding as if he will play in Game 4 of the Eastern Conference semifinals against Miami tonight at the Garden.

It remains to be seen just how effective he can be over the course of a whole game with that arm dangling - but if anyone proved his toughness and ability to play through pain, it is Rondo.