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A Doctor's Take On Rondo's Elbow

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The Herald talked to a doctor named Ben Wedro to give his analysis on Rondo's elbow dislocation. He has no contact with the Celtics, but he's described as "an emergency room physician with a lengthy background in athletics" which is good enough for me. - A doctor’s perspective on Rajon Rondo’s dislocated left elbow

Return to play is usually within three to six weeks but a non-dominant arm injury maybe a little sooner. Returning immediately is pretty impressive…Rondo has to overcome the pain and swelling as well as the decreased range of motion in the elbow. The downside to returning so quickly is the potential of another dislocation with even less force applied to the elbow. " My take from that as far as tonight’s game is that Rondo figures to be limited. The pain and swelling can be addressed with treatment and Rondo’s pain tolerance. But the decreased range of motion will be more difficult to overcome and the increased risk for re-injury has to be a concern.

So Rondo's comeback sounds even more impressive and this prognosis for tonight is potentially good (though we should keep our expectations limited). The greater fear, however, is the risk of further injury. So let us hope that Rondo can stay aggressive but also stay out of harm's way.

(note: I'm purposely not showing the image of Rondo's arm bent the wrong way - you shouldn't have to see that if you don't want to - there are plenty of places to see it, ... like here. were warned)

Update: Rondo will start tonight.