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Celtics Come Up Empty In Overtime

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Down, and now almost out.
Down, and now almost out.

In a game that reminded me of game 7 of the Finals last year, the Celtics' offense ran out of steam in the clutch. Pierce had an opportunity to win it at the end of regulation but a broken play led to a desperation heave that didn't find the bucket. Then the offense really collapsed in the overtime and the Celtics are now down 3 games to 1. More updates in a few moments.

  • Rondo missed that layup in the final minute. If it was anyone but Rondo...
  • Speaking of Rondo, wow. Just wow. Tip my hat to that guy for playing the way he did.
  • The Heat "big 3" all stepped up today. Hard to beat them when they do.
  • Well, at least Joel Anthony didn't beat us this time.
The worst part is that I don't know if we can play a better game than we did (aside from closing out the 4th quarter of course). We got a few contributions from the bench, solid play by Rondo, solid defense from everyone, a big game from Pierce, a decent game from Ray, and it still wasn't enough. That is disheartening.