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2011 NBA Draft Contest T-Shirt Giveaway (5 Chances to Win)

Wear it with pride.
Wear it with pride.

The fine folks at Sportiqe Boutiqe want to give away some Celtics shirts (sample shirts seen above) and I am happy to help them.  You can actually see Dwyane Wade modeling the Miami version of the shirt in the now infamous "Mocking Dirk Sick" video.  Stay classy South Beach.

Anyway, here's how we'll do it.  Fill out the quick form (after the break) predicting who the Celtics will draft in the first round.  To make it easy, I've selected a bunch of names for you to chose from or you can write in a name of your choosing.  There's also an option for "C's trade out of the draft."  If the C's trade up or down into the first round we'll still go with whoever the C's pick.  If there are multiple first round picks, we'll go with the first one (or whatever seems fair).

There will be 5 winners so if not enough people pick the right name, we'll pool the rest of the names and draw from a hat (duplicate entries will be eliminated - be honest).  If too many pick the same correct name, once again we'll draw those names out of the proverbial hat till we've got 5 winners.

Once again, the entry form is after the break (click "Continue reading this post").  We will not include comments on this post.  We are only collecting emails to notify winners - they won't be used for anything else.  Oh, and they will ship only to the U.S. and Canada (sorry).  I think that's all the rules.

Enjoy and good luck!

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