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Glen Being Glen

CelticsBlog approves of speaking in the third person, ...or blog.
CelticsBlog approves of speaking in the third person, ...or blog.

It is the offseason and Big Baby is a free agent.  That means he's talking again, and this time he can't claim that his twitter account was hacked.  See if you can count how many times he can say "Glen Davis" in a short period of time.

Davis on uncertain offseason - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN Boston

* On what's most important to him this offseason: "I feel I know what’s most important to me and that's Glen being Glen. I can’t perform the way I need to perform if I’m not Glen Davis. I need to be in situation where I’m going to be Glen Davis. If it’s here with the Celtics or with somebody else. I just want to make sure I’m Glen Davis, whatever I do, wherever I'm at. That’s all I’m really concentrating on, being Glen Davis, and being a complete player."

* On whether Glen Davis can be Glen Davis in Boston: [Long pause] I can be Glen Davis wherever. It depends on the system, the people around the system, who is going to let Glen Davis be Glen Davis, not let Glen Davis be something they think he should be."  


Of course, not all people are as convinced as I am that Davis won't be back next year.  For instance, here's Paul Flannery's take.

Green Street » What to do with Glen Davis

But once you cut through the rhetoric — and the third person — the Celtics are still the right fit for Davis and he is for them. The Celtics need someone to back-up Garnett and O’Neal and there’s 30 minutes and 10 shots a night for that someone. His name may not be called in pregame introductions, but those are starter’s minutes and the Celtics gave him a starter’s responsibility by having him close games.

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